An authentic journey in the Eure department #2

blogDSC_0989 Before going back to Korea, let’s go to Normandy once again with the last part of our little journey in the Eure department that we made last December thanks to Eure Tourism. Don’t miss the video at the end.

La Ferme des Peupliers :

After visiting Lyons-la-Forêt (you can read again the post here), we went to La Ferme des Peupliers in Flipou village. In this farm are made delicious yoghurts that you may have seen at your fromager. Unfortunately visiting the farm on a Saturday in December is clearly not the best time because the cows are brought in but also because the farm is closed during the weekend. Therefore we watched a little movie to have an idea about how the farm works and then we followed a thematic tour outside. We still managed to see the cows so we were a bit relieved. blogDSC_0749 blogDSC_0760 blogDSC_0764 Here is the outfit I was wearing this day: Karl Marc John pullover, Karl Marc John skirt (on sales at the moment) and Bobbies boots. Yes, as you can see I love blue! blogDSC_0715 Then we dropped by the boutique where you can buy yoghurts of course but also other yummy craft-trade products. blogDSC_0702 blogDSC_0708 La Ferme des Peupliers – 4 rue des Peupliers – 27380 FLIPOU


Le Pressoir d’Or :

We continued by visiting an apple plantation in Boisemont called Le Pressoir d’Or. Here again it was not the most appropriate time to visit because the apples have been picked a few weeks before but we tried to make our imagination works and the place really was fantastic! After a cider testing we left with 2 boxes of cider. For the anecdote, the Boyfriend offered some cider bottles to his nonna. When she proposed a glass of cider to her doctor he jumped up and down with excitement when he realized it was cider from La Pressoir d’Or. As a cider lover he knew and loved this cider and didn’t expect to be able to drink it in Italy. blogDSC_0830 blogDSC_0842 blogDSC_0853 blogDSC_0858 blogDSC_0871 blogDSC_0863 Le Pressoir d’Or – 57 Route des Andelys – 27150 BOISEMONT 


Sortie d’Usine :

It’s time to talk to you about my first crush of this Norman weekend. I’ll try to find the right words to describe this magical moment. The tourist office suggested we visit an antic store (Sortie d’Usine) so we decided to have a look at it before going to the guest house. We thought we were going to a small bric-à-brac shop, we couldn’t guess what was expecting us. Over the past few years, we have been enjoying more and more going to flea market so when we saw this big garden full of old objects we immediately knew we would love this place. blogDSC_0885 blogDSC_0888 blogDSC_0001 blogDSC_0892 You can find everything you’re looking for in the workshop or even inside the house of this couple in love with old objects with a story to tell. Philippe and Nathalie welcome you with open arms and talk to you with passion about their job. I love for example when Philippe told us that what he loved the most about was to bring an object or a furniture back to life so it can live happily in a new family and be able to hear again the laughter of children. How beautiful is that? Philippe and Nathalie even invited us in their kitchen to have a cup of tea with them. A neighbor who was coming unannounced joined us.  We are so not used to such a generous behavior that it was kind of a unique and unreal moment. blogDSC_0015 blogDSC_0009 We even came back to see them the next day because we wanted to buy something but also because we were happy to see them again. We almost had the impression of having new friends, it feels so good to meet such authentic and generous people. Can’t wait to go back in Spring. blogDSC_0893 blogDSC_0891 Sortie d’Usine – 59 rue Saint Adrien – 27150 MORGNY


L’Épicerie du Pape :

Let’s end this post with my 2nd crush of the weekend: L’Epicerie du Pape, the guest house where we stayed. If you don’t like cats and dogs forget about it because they have 4 cats and 2 dogs. It was not a problem for us, it even was the contrary, we would love so much to have a cat or a dog and these ones were adorable and very cuddly. blogDSC_0928 blogDSC_1073 The house is wonderful! It’s an old timbered grocery store with terracota tiles transformed into a guest house. The decoration is charming with furniture and objects that the owners Karine and François bought in local attic sales. It’s a mix of industrial and rustic design. For the guests there are 2 rooms: one downstairs and one upstairs with an independent access outside. blogDSC_0953blogDSC_0954blogDSC_0925 blogDSC_0943 blogDSC_1060blogDSC_1065 blogDSC_1063 blogDSC_1066 The nail of the show is the 3rd room located in the garden in this adorable Swedish log cabin! Inside, the decoration is still lovely and cosy with second hand objects and furniture. I can’t forget to mention the bathroom which is quite special and charming because they use an old bassin as a sink and a cow trough as a bath! blogDSC_0903 blogDSC_1036 blogDSC_0957 blogDSC_0964 blogDSC_0966 blogDSC_0968 blogDSC_0976 blogDSC_0977 blogDSC_0983 blogDSC_1045 blogDSC_1048 blogDSC_1044 We enjoyed so much our night in this cabin because we had the impression of living and adventure in the middle of the nature but at the same time it was very confortable. In addition the cabin was well insulated and it had an independent heating system even if the Boyfriend preferred of course playing Davy Crockett by using the wood stove. What did you expect, men and fire is a big love story! When we go to my parents, the Boyfriend and my father are always fighting over know is gonna make the fire in the fireplace… blogDSC_0981 In the vintage caravane you can see, you can have a nap inside during summer or children can even sleep in it. blogDSC_1003blogDSC_0984blogDSC_1020 Furthermore the atmosphere in the guest house was more than warm. As soon as we arrived, we were invited to join the owners Karine and François in their living room with 2 other couples to enjoy a glass of cider by the chimney like we were old friends. We were surrounded by the cats and dogs which were sleeping on our knees or close to the chimney. What a delightful moment ! After dinner we met again but this time it was with a glass of cognac that we On the morning we had a fantastic breakfast all together on the big wooden table full of cakes, homemade marmelade, fresh bread, eggs etc. In a few words, the best way to describe this guest house is the House of Happiness! blogDSC_1051 blogDSC_1052 blogDSC_1053blogDSC_1068 L’Epicerie du Pape – 5 rue de la Ferme – 27910 VASCOEUIL

I would like to thanks warmly Eure Tourisme for this fabulous weekend, we really fell under the charm of this region and decided that we will come back often even if it’s just for the day. I’m leaving you with this little video I made of this Norman weekend and I hope I made you want to go to this beautiful region.

Stick around, something tells me that a surprise is waiting for you in April…


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