The 6 Friends Theory in Rome #2

blogDSC_0516All roads lead to Rome so let’s continue our way.

Like I told you here, I was invited to a blogger weekend by Mercure hotels in Rome where we ate so well and where we were privileged enough to visit the Vatican before it opens and parts of the Coliseum closed to the public… but that’s not all.

Eataly :

Do you remember that I talked to you about Eataly, the wonderful italian shop in my Milan city guide ?

After visiting the one in Torino and in Milan I had the chance to go to the one in Rome which is the biggest Eataly in the world (Eataly exits also in the US, in Japan, in Istanbul, in Dubai and soon in Paris). Eataly is a gourmet supermarket, a place of production (for mozzarella, bread and beer) and a cultural center (kitchen classes, exhibitions) of 17 000 m2 on 4 levels. The Boyfriend was super jealous to miss that !blogDSC_0390 blogDSC_0296 blogDSC_0298 blogDSC_0312 blogDSC_0326 blogDSC_0330 blogDSC_0332 blogDSC_0333 blogDSC_0334

After several tastings till ours stomachs were full, we had a cooking class where we gave ourselves completely to the preparation of 3 dishes of 3 varieties of pasta and sauces under the watchful eyes of the biker chef Sergio who wasn’t always lenient with us : “What is that, is it a poopooh di Yorkshire ?!”.blogDSC_0353 blogDSC_0357 blogDSC_0358 blogDSC_0359 blogDSC_0364

After 3h of mixing, cutting, slicing, kneading, rolling and spreading (watch your fingers) we finally saw the results and because we just couldn’t throw everything away after working so hard, we had a second lunch at 4pm (no need to say that it was delicious) !blogDSC_0374 blogDSC_0375 blogDSC_0379 blogIMG_0324 blogIMG_1543

Eataly – Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492 – 00154 Rome

Roman strolls :

To finish, I’m taking you with me for some Roman strolls because as you know wandering is my favorite way to discover a city and soaking in the atmosphere of a city. If you love dolce vita you will love Roma and the washing hanging outside, ochre-façade houses, flowered balconies, majestic churches, countless fountains that adorn the squares, colorful old Fiat 500 in every little street for my biggest pleasure…blogDSC_0243 blogDSC_0247 blogDSC_0155 blogDSC_0255 blogDSC_0262 blogDSC_0266 blogDSC_0279 blogDSC_0286 blogDSC_0288 blogDSC_0509 blogDSC_0514 blogAmelia-Nymphea---6-friends-Theory-229blogDSC_0520 blogDSC_0528 blogDSC_0530 blogDSC_0550 blogDSC_0541 blogDSC_0532 blogDSC_0544 blogAmelia-Nymphea---6-friends-Theory-223 blogDSC_0538 blogDSC_0561 blogDSC_0568 blogDSC_0570 blogDSC_0573 blogDSC_0579 blogDSC_0580

I’d like to thank again Mercure for this amazing weekend and in particular Mélissa and Virginie and the whole Roma team! I never sang happy birthday so many times in a weekend and never laughed so much. And do you know what ? The 6 friends theory appeared to be true because we realized that we shared acquaintances even outside the blog world !

« It’s a small world after all » and now you’re going to hum it for hours. No please don’t thank me for that it’s a pleasure. J And for those of you who are wondering I can tell you for having worked at Eurodisney that the people who are working in this attraction don’t get any hardship allowances… ah ah ah !

I’ll leave you with the video Amélia made of our little trip that you can watch here and see you next Friday for the last post about my Korean trip.


Bonus : a picture I took in Roma 2 years ago. I couldn’t have imagined this even in my wildest dreams and now I want the same thing if I get married one day !


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