Road trip in the South West #4 : Sarlat


It is time for me to finally talk to you about the last stop of our road trip in the South West of France last November : Sarlat.
First of all let’s watch this video I made about this 5 days road trip we made in Bordeaux, St Emilion, Biarritz, Bayonne, Bardenas Reales, San Sebastian and Sarlat.

We hesitated a lot about our last stop before going back to Paris because we wanted a city that was on our way. We first thought of Limoges but we finally decided to go to Sarlat after hearing so many good things about this medieval city.


The city:

The city of Sarlat is classified 3 stars in Michelin Guide among the most beautiful cities of Europe and we quickly understood why. We loved the picturesque medieval streets and sunny squares bordered  with private mansions.  Aaah, it smells like the South, I love it!

blogIMG_1708 blogDSCF1365 blogIMG_1726 blogIMG_1738 blogIMG_1753 blogIMG_1764 BLOGIMG_1799

The sun was out again for our great pleasure, which allowed us to enjoy the city in the middle of November without the usual tourists. And look at these beautiful houses, I wouldn’t mind having a country house here. :)

blogIMG_1796 blogIMG_1785 blogIMG_1781 blogIMG_1795 blogIMG_1772 blogIMG_1722

If you’re in Sarlat during a market day, make sure to go see it and go buy tons of local products, they are very good there! That’s what we did and that’s why we came back with some honey, salami, nuts, nut cakes and of course duck confits. I love markets and the atmosphere it creates, especially in the South.

blogIMG_1739 blogIMG_1707 blogDSCF1370

We also loved this small vintage shop where I wanted to buy everything.


L’Effet Mère - 8 rue Fénelon- 24200 SARLAT-LA-CANEDA

Where to sleep?

We stayed at la Maison des Peyrat, a charming hotel 900m away from the historic center of Sarlat. This beautiful house has 10 rooms (we had the n°3) and is held by this very nice man and his adorable dog. In the morning we had a big breakfast, I can’t imagine how great it must be to have it outside on the terrace under the chestnut trees.
We loved everything here : the rustic atmosphere, the excellent service and welcoming, this dremaing house. We would love to go back in the summer to enjoy the terrace and the swimming pool!

blogIMG_1699 blogIMG_1689 blogIMG_1662 blogIMG_1648 blogIMG_1680 blogIMG_1686 blogIMG_1654 blogIMG_1657

La Maison des Peyrat – le Lac de la Plane – 24200 SARLAT

Where to eat?

We told ourselves a 100 times that we needed to plan our holidays better and not look for a good restaurant the D day (remember what I told you in Lyon or even in Bordeaux). We know it but this time again we didn’t do it and that’s why we were looking for a restaurant in Sarlat, a day before a bank holiday… Almost everything was closed or a tourist trap! but we lucked out… Thanks to our host, we went to this cute restaurant that was exactly was we were looking for : traditional, good and in a warming atmosphere.

blogIMG_1633 blogIMG_1643 blogIMG_1644

This is it for our road trip in the South West of France, I hope you liked it because I absolutly loved it! It was the best place to celebrate my 30th birthday and I’d like to thank again the Boyfriend for organizing it and I also would like also to apologize to him for my bad mood in San Sebastian. I had such a great time, thank you!!!

In more than 1 week I will be on an island in the Indian Ocean for 5 days, I can’t wait, I’m so excited! You will be able to follow me on Snapchat under the username “aurelieflaneuse”. See you there? :)


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