Roadtrip in the South West : St Emilion and Bayonne #1


To eer is human, to stroll is Parisian” this quote of Victor Huga alwas was a good illustration of this blog and today it makes even more sense.

I’m still astounded and under chock of last days terrible events in Paris. I can’t find the words to express exactly what I’m feeling but I cannot do like nothing happened.All these people hurt and deads could have been my friends, they could have been me but in reality they are US. I’m lucky enough to have not been directly affected but I’m still deeply wounded and feel devastated.

Anyway, if they are attacking us for our “art de vivre”, good luck to them because France is an epicurean country where we love to enjoy life to its fullest and nothing would ever changes that. So yes of course I will continue to stroll in Paris, to have a good glass of wine with friends on a terrace of a cafe, to eat in restaurant and especially at Le Petit Cambodge that I love so much and I will continue to go to concerts (I won’t talk about football matches since I’m not a big fan hi hi). In a few words I will continue to live because even though it’s difficult, it’s our only option to respond to so much hate.

The very least we can say is that we definitely enjoyed life at its fullest during our road trip in the South West of France 2 week ago to celebrate my 30th birthday. In 5 days we have been to 7 different cities and travelled almost 2000km in this cute Fiat 500 lent by Motorvillage itself. It was a tiring trip (especially for the Boyfriend who was driving) but I’m gonna remember it for a long time because it was awsome!


This is our itinary : St Emilion, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Bardenas (Spain), San Sebastian (Spain), Bayonne to end with Sarlat.

This first post will be dedicated to St Emilion and briefly to Biarritz and Bayonne where we just stopped by for a cuple of hours.


So let’s begin with Saint-Emilion that I absolutely wanted to see since I’ve heard so many good things about it (and on top of that, my favorite wine is St Emilion). I’m glad we went there because this small medieval city is very charming and especially during fall with the gold vines. How beautiful!


What a pleasure to stroll with amazing weather (it was 25°c) in November without having to wear a pair of tights on November, can you imagine?!

blogIMG_1267 blogDSCF0899 blogDSCF0907 blogDSCF0909 blogDSCF0911 blogDSCF0891blogDSCF0914

I especially liked the Cloître des Cordeliers, a wonderful vestige which consists of a church, a winery, a cloister, a cave, a courtyard and a main building. This domain also has a wine bar where you can taste sparkling wines made in the cloister’s caves.

blogDSCF0921 blogDSCF0926 blogDSCF0931 blogDSCF0932

Le Cloître des Cordeliers2 bis Rue de la Porte Brunet, 33330 SAINT-EMILION

blogDSCF0938 blogDSCF0939blogDSCF0946 blogDSCF0951

Above this is la Fontaine du Roi, a washing place that was reserved to washerwomen coming from rich neighbourhoods and below this is la Fontaine de la Place a washing place reserved to laundresses coming from poor quarters.

blogIMG_1285 blogDSCF0952 blogDSCF0955 blogDSCF0957 blogDSCF0960 blogDSCF0963 blogDSCF0965

After visiting St Emilion we slept in Bordeaux and visited the city (I will talk to you about it onnext week). We had a few hours left before hitting the road to go to Spain. We wanted to go on the beach so we decided to go to Biarritz to get closer to Spain and it was the best idea since when we arrived at 4pm it was 27°c ! I swapped my pair of jeans with shorts and we played like 2 kids on the beach till the sun came down, it was unbelievable!

blogDSCF1138 blogDSCF1141blogIMG_1404 blogDSCF1143 blogIMG_1410 blogDSCF1157 blogDSCF1154 blogDSCF1156 blogDSCF1163

After Spain (that I will talk to you about in a 3rd post-) we stopped in Bayonne for a cuple of hours before going to Sarlat. What a beautiful city, I fell in love with it, it’s so colorful, it almost made me think of the city of Basel in Switzerland (that I talked to you about here).

blogDSCF1314 blogDSCF1315 blogDSCF1326 blogDSCF1333 blogDSCF1335 blogDSCF1338 blogDSCF1341 blogDSCF1344 blogDSCF1345 blogDSCF1352 blogDSCF1356

That’s it for this 1st chapter, see you next week for a post about Bordeaux.

Have a good weekend my friends and don’t forget that unity creates strengh. Like the blogger Cachemire et soie says in this beautiful article that I recommend you to read if you understand French : « Every time we succumb to fear, anxiety, anger or hate, we become THEIR weapon. This is exactly what they expect from us. Let’s never become their weapon.


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