Nordic touch in Paris #2


Let’s talk again about the nordic touch in Paris for a 2nd post about Scandinavian design interior shops. This time I’ll show you less famous shops than last time because most of them are brand new but I’m sure they are soon going to be the place to be !


Let’s start with a recent one which opened last December : nordBØ, a contemporary concept store for decoration, fashion and accessories. This shop makes you travel to a bright white world where crafts is king because most of the items are handmade. The inspiration is clearly Scandinavian but the objects are manufactured all around the world ! Here, each object has its own story.  blogDSCF6418 blogDSCF6419 blogDSCF6437Even if everything in the shop makes you think you’re in a cold country, the atmosphere is far from being cold thanks to the two lovely sisters Alice and Stéphanie. I asked them some questions and they kindly accepted to answer them.

How did nordBØ adventure begin ?

“nordBØ is born from our passion for nordic countries. After a few trips (in Finland, Island, Denmark and Holland) we discovered a certain quality of life reflecting on interiors. We wanted to share this elegant and simple lifestyle.”

Why “nordBØ” ?

“We quickly had nordBØ in mind first of all because “le nord est beau (= north is beautiful) but also because this is a Norwegian word which means “people from the north”. It is also the name of a small village in Norway.”

Where are the products from ?

“The selection is very wide. Inspiration is nordic of course but for example, the clay chandelier, like the tableware, has been made in South Africa. We are working with a Dutch designer who had these big knit footstools manufactured in Nepal by a local women association. You can also find big recycled glass bottles handmade in Spain, rag dolls from a French designer in Montmartre, Kinfolk magazine made by a group of Americans which proposes delicious recipes and reports on a different way of life and to use your time. “blogDSCF6431Footstool made with wool from New Zealand and hand knitted in NepalblogDSCF6439Stool made with birch trunk and the seat has been knitted by an artisan couple blogDSCF6424rag dolls made in MontmartreblogDSCF6430The chandelier made in South Africa

Aside from Kinfolk magazine you can also find the French lifestyle magazine : SLØ that I completely fell in love with ! I bought these magazines that you probably saw on my IGblogDSCF6422 blogDSCF6427nordBØ glorifies a universe of simplicity and softness, it is a true invitation to travel.blogDSCF6434 blogDSCF6433nordBØ – 96 rue des Archives – 75003 PARIS


Sengtai is probably the less Scandinavian of these stores : it is a French company with a workshop in China in a region where there is the biggest bamboo plantation (most of the furnitures are made in bamboo). It also allow Sengtai to control all the stages of productions from the drawing of the furniture by the designers, the manufacture in the workshop to the delivery. Anyway, Sengtai truly deserves its place in this post because it is highly influenced by Scandinavian design.

Mostly present on internet, it also exists a showroom in Paris of 75 m2 where the whole collection is exposed in different colors. blogDSCF6396 blogDSCF6404 blogDSCF6413I really love their furniture and especially these ones : blogDSCF6395this console table called NaoblogDSCF6400the chest of drawers MiyoblogDSCF6415this cute little bed table and the famous Wasabi TV furniture (here this is the Wasabi Ming)blogDSCF6388At Sengtai you can find good quality furniture in solid bamboo with graphic and refined lines in a large variety of colors.

Sengtai – 6 rue du Pont aux Choux – 75003 PARIS


La Trésorerie is a new concept store that just opened 1 month ago and I can guarantee you that this is gonna be a big hit ! Established in an old public revenue office (“trésorerie” in French) topped with a big glass roof, this store is a modern-day hardware shop. There is a wide selection of objects for the house (furnitures, lamps, cushions…), the kitchen, the bathroom and even the garden.  blogDSCF6454 blogDSCF6460Objects are carefully selected : renewable and recyclable materials are favored as for the manufacturers who incorporate approach to environnement protection in their production process.  in addition, 90% of the products are made in Europe (at least 30% in France).

In the kitchen area you can buy tableware, pans, kitchen utensils…blogDSCF6924 blogDSCF6459 blogDSCF6470In the hardware shop corner you have the choice between different kinds of ecological paintings, household products for wood treatment, brooms, brushes, products for the garden… blogDSCF6482

blogDSCF6479 blogDSCF6481In the bathroom corner you have bath sheets, brushes…blogDSCF6451 blogDSCF6478And upstairs you have coffee tables in all the colors that you want !blogDSCF6483And it’s not all ! You also have a Swedish coffee shop adjoining the shop called Café Smörgås (name of Swedish sandwich). You can have nice rye-bred sandwichs, fresh salads, homemade apple compote and fresh fruit juice (everything is bio of course) and the staff is very friendly !blogDSCF6489 blogDSCF6490 blogDSCF6496 blogDSCF6917blogDSCF6498So what are you waiting for to go there ? :)

La Trésorerie - 11 rue du Château d’eau – 75010 PARIS


Going inside Maison Nordik is like getting into a 100% scandinavian home where almost everything comes from flea markets in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. blogDSCF6584 blogDSCF6579 blogDSCF6585I love so much these 2 W Germany ceramic vases !blogDSCF6587and these colorful wooden candlesticksblogDSCF6610

I also love the child corner downstairs  with the tiger cushion, the other small Ferm Living cushions and this cute little Lucky Boy Sunday plush toy.blogDSCF6593Without forgetting the adorable Going Danish and Michelle Carlslund prints.

blogDSCF6623And how cute is this little wooden toy ? blogDSCF6620blogDSCF6629A beautiful shop where you will be well advised in case you don’t know exactly what you are looking for and if you cannot come to the shop, you can order on the website.

Maison Nordik – 159 rue Marcadet – 75018 PARIS


Let’s finish with a shop I discovered completely by chance on my way to Maison Nordik. I fell in love with all the shops I’ve talked you about but this ons is on top of my list because it made me enter in a magical world full of fantasy : La manufacture parisienne !blogDSCF6657 blogDSCF6643Herveline the owner welcomes you to a wild and poetic world where you can find useful and playful objects for young and old. A happy mess mixing decoration, tableware, pieces of art and toys of Scandinavian, vintage and industrial inspiration. Some of the items have been found in flea markets, others are from young designer from all around the world. And do you know what ? The presentation of the shop changes every month ! I was completely under the spell and fascinated by this oneiric world. blogDSCF6661 blogDSCF6637 blogDSCF6635 blogDSCF6645 blogDSCF6646 blogDSCF6647I loved talking with Herveline, a curious, passionate and sweet person.

I fell in love with these vintage plates that would look perfect on my kitchen walls and with this wonderful lamp !blogDSCF6640 blogDSCF6659Are you also under the charm of this atypic shop ?

La Manufacture Parisienne – 93 rue Marcadet – 75018 PARIS

I hope you liked this 2nd post about Scandinavian interior shops in Paris. I really love these shops because they are all so beautiful of course but also because they have values that they cherish : they are concerned about good quality materials, they care about the environnement, they respect cultural diversity and they promote handicraft.

I’m off to Milan for a new cosy weekend in Italy with the family (it’s bank holiday in France on Thursday). When i’ll get back, i’ll try to finally write the Milan city guide I’ve talked you about a few months ago. Ciao !


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