Bucolic Paris #11 : Bagatelle gardens


Today, I’m taking you to the wonderful gardens of Bagatelle.

The area of Bagatelle is located in the Bois de Boulogne. Bagatelle’s castle and gardens were built in only 64 days after Marie-Antoinette has challenged her brother-in-law, the Count of Artois. I love to go to this garden especially during summer because there is a beautiful rose garden of 10 000 rosebushes from 1 200 different species but during fall the stroll is as colorful and as romantic. You can admire huge sequoia trees, caves, waterfalls and a Chinese pagoda among peacocks . I’m not gonna be chatty this time baceause sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words.


This was the first time I took out my beautiful Aigle boots. The weather was  mild and sunny but I couldn’t resign myself to leave them in the closet, they are so nice and confortable!

blogDSCF0526 blogDSCF0524 blogDSCF0529

the entry of the castle


Madewell sunglasses

blogDSCF0542 blogDSCF0547 blogDSCF0576 blogDSCF0604 blogDSCF0550

Tara Jarmon coat (old collection that I bought at Marques Avenue), Aigle boots et Madewell bag

blogDSCF0611 blogDSCF0612 blogDSCF0615 blogDSCF0620 blogDSCF0625

Charlie Watch watch

blogDSCF0633 blogDSCF0635 blogDSCF0640 blogDSCF0642 blogDSCF0647 blogDSCF0656 blogDSCF0570

Madewell shirt


Chinese pagoda

blogDSCF0664 blogDSCF0667 blogDSCF0675 blogDSCF0679 blogDSCF0690 blogDSCF0692 blogDSCF0694 blogDSCF0696 blogDSCF0705 blogDSCF0709

Parc de Bagatelle – Route de Sèvres – 75016 PARIS

The entrance of the gardens is not free from the 2nd of June to the 1st of Novembre (6€ for the full price). So come stroll in the gardens these days to enjoy the Indian summer, it’s free!

If you’re in the area, don’t miss the gardens of the greenhouses of Auteuil that I talked to you about here and Albert Kahn’s garden that I talked to you about here.  Have a nice Indian summer!



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