Bucolic Paris #9: Montsouris


Bonjour everyone, I hope you spent wonderful summer holidays for those who were lucky enough to have holidays or had a nice summer for the others.
The blog is back with a new bucolic Parisian stroll: Montsouris.I like a lot this district of the 14th arrondissement, first of all to stroll in the Montsouris park, a 15 hectare park where are planted a wide variety of vegetal species but also to practice Swedish Fit (it’s called Gym Suédoise in France) during summer.


You may already know it if you follow me on Snapchat but I practice Swedish Fit for quite some time now. Swedish Fit is a mix between aerobic and strength based exercises. I am anything but a sportive person but I practice Swedish Fit 2-3 times a week without foot-dragging so I think we can say it’s an exploit, it reconciled me with sport! It exists gym rooms to practice Swedish Fit all over France (and in Sweden, England, Spain and Canada) but during summer you can assist to free courses outside and Montsouris park is one of these places.

To stroll and practice sport at the same time, isn’t it great?! For more info, you can visit the website here. Do you practice Swedish Fit by any chance?

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What I love about this area is most of all the Square Montsouris, a cute little street with charming houses built in the early 20’s where several artists lived. In this place, you feel like you are in the countryside, it’s charming and peaceful like these places I’ve already talked to you about : La Campagne à Paris, la Cité Fleurie, la Cité des Fleurs or la rue des Thermopyles.

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Look at this dreamy house, my favorite!

blogDSCF8751 blogDSCF8749 blogDSCF8746

The little private street nearby also do not fail to charm.

blogDSCF8719blogDSCF9311 blogDSCF9318

Finally, if you go up to the top of the park, you will see the Cité Internationale Universitaire which groups together 40 university residences that host students from all around the world. It kinda looks like you’re in Oxford or Hogwards, don’t you think? Even if it’s a campus, everyone can freely stroll inside. It’s such a cool place!


Have a nice weekend and don’t forget to go buy As you like magazine if you’re in France, there are 5 pages dedicated to my trip in Korea! Yes I’m very proud. :)


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