A love of a cocker


I’m sorry, I’ve not been blogging since 3 weeks because I had some family issues but most of all because I didn’t have time and here is the main reason.


Let me introduce you to Sticky our adorable cocker!!! Why Sticky ? Because she’s following us everywhere and in French we use the expression “pot of glue” to describe this.  The picture above has been taken at the breeder when we first saw her, she was just  2 months old. Today she is 3 months old.

We are already crazy about her even if she likes to bite our feet and had some crazy moments when she runs everywhere in the appartment. She’s learning very fast and is growing even faster!

Last weekend she mad her first trip with the Boyfriend : Paris-Milan by car  (a 9 hour drive)! I joined them in Milan just for the weekend at my parents-in-law but she’s staying with the Boyfriend for 10 days. I miss her already. :(

I hope you’re not tired of seeing my mother-inlaw house because I love taking pictures of it, especially during Christmas season (she is American and you can see it, she loves Christmas and can make her house even more welcoming). Here are “some” pictures of our lovely weekend in family with Sticky.

blogDSCF1482blogIMG_1992 blogDSCF1486

It’s a fake Xmas tree. I usualy don’t like fake trees but I must say that this one is really nice and so well decorated. All the ornaments are handmade by members of the family. I love it!

blogIMG_2031blogIMG_2034 blogDSCF1488 blogDSCF1490 blogDSCF1493 blogDSCF1494 blogDSCF1495

The panettone, is a Milan speciality which is eaten at Christmas.

blogDSCF1501blogIMG_2044 blogDSCF1505 blogDSCF1511

My Aigle boots are my best friends to walk Sticky.

blogDSCF1515 blogDSCF1518 blogDSCF1521 blogDSCF1523blogIMG_2046 blogDSCF1538blogIMG_2003blogIMG_2006 blogDSCF1544 blogDSCF1550

After going round the house several times and playing in the garden, we took Sticky to nonna’s (grandma) to meet the family. Everyone loved her! We also took her for the first time to a restaurant and she was very nice.

blogDSCF1616 blogDSCF1558

Finally she strolled in the streets of Milan very slowly because she kept smelling everything and we’ve been stopped every 100m by passers who wanted to pet her. That is what being irresistible means. :)

blogDSCF1561 blogDSCF1567 blogDSCF1633 blogDSCF1573 blogDSCF1582 blogDSCF1588 blogDSCF1565 blogDSCF1622 blogDSCF1626

All my previous posts in Milan are here, here and here and all my favourite Milan spots are here.

What do you think of our little beauty, are you also in love?

See you soon for some new Sticky’s adventures and in the meantime let me wish you all a very merry Christmas. See you in 2016!



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