Paris bucolic #12: Villa Santos-Dumont


Today let’s stroll in another bucolic place in Paris before taking you to the mountains.

What’s amazing about Paris is that there are so many hidden and verdant streets contrary to what most people might thing. The other I’ve discovered this cute dead end while I was walking Sticky out. I love charming streets like that bordered by houses and workshops.blogDSCF2199 blogDSCF2197

It’s already so beautiful during winter, I can’t imagine how even more beautiful it must be during spring or summer! I think we would all dream of living in such a cute and quiet place in the middle of Paris, isn’t it?

blogDSCF2195 blogDSCF2193

And look at this wonderful facade!


It was the 1st time that I strolled with Sticky and I must say that it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world since she just wanted to run everywhere so imagine how difficult it was to take pictures without moving with her pulling on her leash…blogDSCF2208 blogDSCF2203 blogDSCF2205 blogDSCF2202 blogDSCF2214 blogDSCF2213 blogDSCF2211 blogDSCF2209

Villa Santos-Dumont

After that we walked a little bit more and I was surprise to see this big white and red lighthouse at the foot of which there’s this barge and seaman the middle of the XVth arrondissement of Paris! It used to be the biggest fresh fish market in Europe but it’s unfortunately closed today.  blogDSCF2218

La Criée du Phare – 69 rue Castagnary – 75015 PARIS

blogDSCF2216 blogDSCF2220

Down this street there is this other cute dead end. Even if it’s not as cute as the previous one I wouldn’t say no to live here and I’m sure you won’t either. Plus the magnolias were already in bloom. Welcome spring!


Villa des Charmilles – 56 rue Castagnary – 75015 PARIS

Not far form here you can also stroll in George Brassens park and go to the ancient and secondhand book market under the market hall (81 rue des Morillons). This market gathers 60 specialized booksellers and is open every weekends from 9am to 6pm.

Let’s finish with this picture of Sticky and I. It’s not a very nice picture since it has been taken by my father on the phone but Sticky is so cute! By the way if you’re interested, the Boyfriend is gonna write a post to give some advises on how to train a puppy. What do you think?


In the meantime you can see all my bucolic strolls in Paris here but also here, here and here. Where do you like to stroll? Have a nice weekend!


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